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Biden moves quickly to build a diverse administration

President-elect Joe Biden has repeatedly promised to build a government that “looks like America.” He’s not wasting any time in delivering on that front. Biden has moved quickly to name a diverse group to key White House and Cabinet posts. On Sunday night, he unveiled an all-female senior communications staff and is expected to roll…MORE

Tom Donilon no longer in the running to be Biden’s CIA director

President-elect Joe Biden is still weighing who will lead the Central Intelligence Agency, but Tom Donilon is no longer under consideration for the post, CNN has learned. Two sources familiar with the matter say Donilon, a former national security adviser in the Obama administration who had been considered a frontrunner for the job, intends to…MORE

Here’s what happened over Thanksgiving weekend

President Donald Trump said for the first time on Thanksgiving that he will leave office if the Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden. “Certainly I will, and you know that,” he said when asked by a reporter about leaving the White House if Biden is declared the winner on December 14. “I will and,…MORE

From behind bars, hear three stories of transformation

What does it mean to make a change in your life — and what does it mean to make a total transformation? It’s the kind of contemplative question you might bring up in a soul-searching conversation with a friend. In this case, it was being considered by a man serving a life sentence at a…MORE