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London Heathrow loses its crown to Paris as passenger numbers plummet

London Heathrow has lost the title of Europe’s busiest airport to Charles de Gaulle in Paris and is downgrading its forecasts for passenger numbers this year and next as the outlook for aviation deteriorates further. “Paris has overtaken Heathrow as Europe’s largest airport for the first time ever, and Frankfurt and Amsterdam are quickly gaining…MORE

Mercedes-Benz is taking a big stake in Aston Martin

Mercedes-Benz is taking a big stake in struggling British carmaker Aston Martin. The carmakers have confirmed in statements that Mercedes-Benz will increase its stake in Aston Martin over the next three years from 2.6% to as much as 20%. In exchange for the new shares, Aston Martin will get access to Mercedes-Benz technologies and components…MORE

McDonald’s new pastries are here. Here’s how to get them for free

McDonald’s finds itself struggling at breakfast, a part of the day it once dominated. So the chain is rolling out new bakery items Wednesday for the first time in nearly a decade. The expansion of the company’s McCafé lineup adds three new sweets — an apple fritter, a blueberry muffin and a cinnamon roll —…MORE

Some Pennsylvania counties will count mail-in ballots last

Some Pennsylvania counties will count mail-in ballots last

Pennsylvania’s counties have starkly different plans for when they will begin processing their pre-Election Day ballots, with Democratic strongholds moving to get them counted as quickly as possible while other areas plan to tally in-person votes first. Unlike most states, Pennsylvania law does not allow officials to start processing early ballots until 7 a.m. on…MORE

In a politically divided country, are children destined to grow up on 1 side?

Little kids can say some pretty entertaining things. In an election year, the chatter coming from the child department may be extra amusing. “Who does Daddy like?” my friend recently asked her 2-year-old. “Trumple!” she screamed out with the mischievous look of a toddler who is about to get a reaction out of her mom.…MORE